Mukiya (Cheryl) Baker-Gomez (Baker)
I am excited about this year's JPH Reunion. It has been many years since I have seen and spoken with many of you. Much has transpired over these past several years and I am sure that many of us have had major successs and great rewards. As I look at our present, I am proud that I had the rich experience of attending JP High and meeting and interfacing with many of you! Without knowing it, you all gave me so many rich memories of our high school years together.

It is because of that foundation that I was blessed to receive all of which was promised. My life has evolved into a work of giving and sharing, a life that is full with solid responsibilties and accountabiities. Thank you my classmates and teachers, you will never be forgotten for what you have shared and instilled in me.

Mukiya (Cheryl Baker-Gomez)
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