Connie Gallant (Bernardo)
Has it really been 50 years this year (2017) since we graduated from JPHigh – didn’t we use it to call it Jerk’s Paradise? Sometimes it feels like it was the other day, other times it feels like it happened a thousand years ago! And yet other times, it feels like it happened to someone else.

My life has certainly taken many turns to bring me to where I am today, and the person I have become. All good. All positive.

I have great memories of all my classmates and superb teachers. Who would have thought that today we can consider the education we received at JP High to be college level? It is so unfortunate that today's kids are not learning proper English, Math, History, Geography, Business, Civics - and many of the other topics we learned. I truly believe that education rounded us all very well.

I hope to hear from some of my classmates and connect with you again.
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